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Human Resource Management is the design of formal systems in an organization that ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals.* At interFace Veterinary HR Systems, LLC, we want to help you get the most from your team of dedicated veterinary professionals. We do this by identifying how HR tools can solve issues or improve performance in your practice. Then we help you build the tools to continue maximum performance and increased profitability. Along the way, we provide counseling for the management team as they work through the day-to-day issues involved in people management.

*Society of Human Resource Management Definition.

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Bring Compassion Fatigue awareness and treatment to your veterinary practice with this comprehensive multi-level program especially designed for the challenging niche of emergency and specialty veterinary practice.

The team will participate in a facilitated workshop to identify their level of compassion satisfaction, and risk for burnout and compassion fatigue. Read more…

The management team will participate in a separate facilitated workshop to identify the effects of compassion fatigue on their organization. Read more…

In addition to these workshops, support is available for management of team performace. An audit of the current performance management tools helps to identify weaknesses or gaps, and customized tools can be created to enagble the management team to identify the behavior they desire and expect from their team. Read more…

  • High Absenteeism, Turnover, & Attrition
  • Excessive Amounts of Workers Comp Claims
  • Changes in Co-Worker Relationships
  • Inability for Teams to Work Well Together
  • Aggressive Behavior Toward Clients
  • Inability of Team to Complete Assigned Tasks
  • Unhealthy Competition Among Team
  • Lack of Flexibility Displayed by Team
  • Team Challenging the Rules & Regulations
  • Rampant Rumors & Gossip
  • What Can Be Done?…

Compassion Fatigue has been described as the “cost of caring” for others in emotional and physical pain. (Figley, 1982)

It is characterized by deep physical and emotional exhaustion and a pronounced change in the helper’s ability to feel empathy for their patients, their loved ones and their co-workers. It is marked by increased cynicism at work and a loss of enjoyment of our career.

It attacks the very core of what brought us into this work: our empathy and compassion for others. (Mathieu, 2007)

Can you afford NOT to cope with
Compassion Fatigue?

interFace can provide remote or on-site solutions for a variety of human resource management issues. We specialize in Performance Management, getting your team to do the job you need done to be a profitable and harmonious practice. We have worked with emergency, specialty, and general practices. From reviewing your current HR tools, to building new ones, to implementing positive change in your practice, interFace is here to help.

Below are some of the consulting services available, and we can customize a solution to the problems or concerns facing you and your practice today!


veterinary human resources educator of the year
Katherine Dobbs. Western Veterinary Conference.“Dear Ms. Dobbs:
     It is my distinct honor to announce that you have been voted by the Conference attendees as the 82nd Annual Western Veterinary Conference Practice Management Continuing Educator of the Year. This honor acknowledges your expertise, communication skills and outstanding commitment to the veterinary profession.”

Guy Pidgeon, DVM
Diplomate, ACVIM



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